Living with a
healthy skin color.

Skin tells you.

It can tell you physical condition,
lifestyle and even satisfaction level of a person.
That is why many of us long for skin
that always looks healthy and fresh.

So, we thought.

There should be skincare
that improves skin from inside
but also instantly brightens up
and gives healthy impression.

Through our experience and expertise,
we developed a serum
containing beauty ingredients
at their best balance.
IROIKU is the serum that gives
instant glow and smooth skin tone.

Simple and comfortable.
Start your new beauty routine
and restore your natural healthy skin tone.

"Just a quick application
brightens the skin,
makes it look sleek and bright,
so IROIKU comes in handy when I work remotely."
Female in 20's

I started using it as a serum.
I like the finish
which makes the skin slightly brighten.
It’s great for a remote work, simple make-up on days off,
and after the gym.
It is also easy to remove with soap,
so it's the perfect item for me.

"Thanks to the positive impression
I now make to my clients, I am well received."
Male in 30's

Ever since I tried IROIKU, my wife's favorite,
I have always liked the fresh feel of it,
and I use “Clear” , shade No.00, in the morning and evening,
and “Healthy”,shade No.13, for a tighter look when I go out.
I apply it quickly before presentations,
and it helps me make a better impression to my clients.
Since it is a serum, I can feel that my skin is becoming healthier
and better as I continue to use it.

"When my skin is in a good condition,
I feel more confident in my work."
Male in 30's

I was attracted by the stylish
packaging design and started using it.
The more I use it, the more I feel
that my skin condition is improving.
In my profession, clean and clear looking skin is important to me,
and I have been receiving compliments from my clients.
There are also several shades of the serum,
so I will recommend them to my girlfriend.

"Even though I am busy raising children,
people tell me that I look great. On days like that,
I can stay in a good mood."
Female in 30's

My life revolved around my children,
and I couldn't spend much time on skincare.
Since I started using IROIKU,
which improves skin condition
with simple care, people tells me that I look great.
I also like the gentle scent that refreshes me.
It's like a lucky charm for me.

Two approaches to healthy skin colorIROIKU METHOD

Approach 1Skin conditioning from the inside Leads to healthy skin

Approach 2Instant tuning from outside Lively impression with just one application

plusThe scent makes you feel bright and healthyRefreshing fragrance supervised by essential oil professionals

Promises clean formulationsIROIKU PROMISE

Consideration for skin and environmental friendliness.
We pursue sincere manufacturing
while only using materials of natural origin.

  • Free of synthetic color additives
  • Free of the former labeling designated ingredient
  • Synthetic fragrance free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben free
  • No animal testing
  • UV absorbent free


Regardless of gender It fits any skin type and lifestyle
Skin- and eco-friendly formula
High quality and certainty, Become a daily staple
Unique to Sansho Pharmaceutical Proven efficacy and evidence


The world of IROIKU in 3 minutes

Clear color that anyone can use at any time

Suitable for nighttime care.
For people who focus on skin care| 00 Clear |

  • Sun
  • Moon
00 Clear

Three colors that bring you
one tone closer to healthy skin tone

Reduces dullness and
leaves it bright and fresh| 11 Natural |

  • Sun

Creates a rosy complexion
to accentuate clarity| 12 Pale Pink |

  • Sun
12 Pale Pink

Natural and sharp look

| 13 Healthy |

  • Sun
13 Healthy

Two colors that diminish the skin irregularities

For skin with spots and
freckles| 21 Coral |

  • Sun
21 Coral

For skin with
redness| 22 Lime Green |

  • Sun
22 Lime Green

IROIKU Facial Soap
60g 550yen (tax included)

Refreshing feeling with a rich foam

IROIKU Facial Soap

How to useHOW TO USE

How to use in the morningApproximate usage per application: 0.6mL (about 2 cm in diameter)

  • Facial Soap

  • Skin Tune-up Serum
    (Clear or Colored)

    • After washing your face*1, take an appropriate amount of Skin Tune-up Serum onto your palm.

      *1 If you feel your skin is not sufficiently moisturized, apply Skin Tune-up Serum after applying your toner.

    • Apply it to cheeks and massage quickly using the entire pad of your fingers. Do the same on the forehead and chin and apply to the entire face.

    • Use your fingertips to carefully apply to small areas such as the sides of the nose, around the mouth, and around the eyes. Finally, wrap your face with the palm of your hand*2. (You can effectively correct skin color by reapplying during the day.)

      *2 If you are concerned about sunburn, apply your UV protection products in the morning after applying Skin Tune-up Serum.

  • Usual steps such as UV care and make-up

How to use at nightApproximate usage per application: 0.6mL (about 2 cm in diameter)

  • Facial Soap

  • Skin Tune-up Serum (Clear)

    • Step 1

      After washing your face, take about 2 cm in diameter (0.6 mL) of Skin Tune-up Serum (Clear) onto your palm. Massage*3 it over the entire face. Use fingertips to apply the serum to small areas carefully.

      *3 Do not rub hard, but apply gently.

    • Step 2

      Apply an appropriate amount of Skin Tune-up Serum to areas of concern with dryness such as around the eyes and mouth.


Sansho Pharmaceutical is challenging a new stage.

In Showa 35 (1960) Sansho Pharmaceutical was founded with the corporate philosophy: “We contribute to society by satisfying the fundamental human need to stay young and beautiful forever”.

Since then, for more than 130 years counting from the establishment of the former Jinnai Sansho-do Pharmacy, we have continued to develop beauty ingredients with high efficacy and reliable safety in order to respond to aging concerns.

Underlying all research and development is the concept of "better ingredients, better cosmetics".

We are to develop beauty ingredients and cosmetics that exceed customer expectations and are more effective and safer. With this in mind, and without changing the "pharmaceutical method" that prioritizes the development of highly effective beauty ingredients, we have developed more than 130 beauty ingredients, including Kojic Acid, which created a concept of “brightening” for the first time in Japan, CTP, a hair-restoring ingredient, and Serumvital, an anti-wrinkle ingredient. And we have developed cosmetic products containing them.

Based on the concept of "better ingredients, better cosmetics", we intend to evolve to a new stage leveraging our strengths in ingredients, compounding, and formulation capabilities.

We will take on the challenges of manufacturing from the perspective of ecological, ethical, sustainability, and diversity. Furthermore, we will provide all services related to cosmetics manufacturing, such as contract development of beauty ingredients and various tests on safety, stability, and efficacy.

We will continue to respond to aging concerns and strive to be a company that can respond to desire to "stay young and beautiful forever" from every angle.

Sansho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.